Lavender Oatmeal

Lavender Oatmeal


Calming and Relaxing

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Product Description

We grind whole oat groats into a fine flour to provide this bar’s gentle exfoliation, and then scent it with the best lavender essential oil we could find.  Adding our honey and goat milk makes this bar absolutely wonderful for relaxing  after a long hard day.


  1. Karrie

    Lavender Oatmeal is my very favorite soap! The scent is soothing and the texture is perfect. I buy one of these bars every time I see Bright Arrow Farms, although they last longer than other handmade bars I’ve bought. I’ve bought them as gifts for others, too, and everyone loves them!

  2. Tabitha May

    When I buy a bar of Bright Arrow soap as a gift Lavender Oatmeal is my go to bar. Everyone always loves this bar. It is a rich bar with lavender and oatmeal, two great ingredients for calming skin.

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